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Wirral Wedding Photographer, Daniel Charles Photography, explains why he loves Wirral Weddings so much.

One of the things that I don’t love about being a wedding photographer is the hours and hours that every wedding photographer spends stuck in front of a computer – whether that’s editing photos,  designing wedding albums, typing blog posts, wrestling with website SEO, doing tax returns or any of the other myriad things that don’t actually involve taking wedding photos!

So when I get an enquiry from my website (or my facebook or instagram) and it’s for a Wirral wedding, I’m particularly excited. Why? Because I’m a bit geeky about driving through the Mersey Tunnels or going over the wonderful new Mersey Bridge (actually, I’m a bit geeky about a lot of things, but there it is). The Wirral is just near enough, with only the shining Mersey separating it from Liverpool, to take hardly any time to get to, but just far enough away, with the great winding River Mersey between it and Liverpool, to mean that you have to go on a little adventure to get there. And then, when you’re arrived, you’re in almost a completely different country – Wirral is surrounded on three sides by water and is leafy, hilly and simply quite delightful.

There’s a number of venues on the peninsula that are off the scale in terms of wedding venue: Hillbark Hotel, Thornton Manor and Inglewood Manor spring to mind immediately. But there’s also less grand venues whose very simplicity is their charm: Church Farm and Leasowe Castle to name but a few.

So if you’re looking for something a little bit different to Liverpool’s city centre hotels and cobbled streets, you really don’t have to look too far. If you need any advice choosing a wedding venue, then please do get in touch – I’ve been to weddings at loads of them!

Pauline & Clifford at the Hillbark Hotel

30th December 2020 0 0

It'd be quite easy at this point  in this horrible year to feel like throwing in the towel and giving up on wedding photography in its entirety. But I'm so glad I didn't do that (and to reassure all my readers, I have no intention of doing so!) because if I had, then I'd have…

Covid-safe doorstep photography for Liverpool

17th November 2020 0 0

Covid-safe doorstep photo shoots for only £35.00!

Port Sunlight Wedding Photography – who knew?

15th August 2020 0 0

I’ve lived in the fantastically wonderful, world-class city of Liverpool for about 20 years now – and it took Nicola and Colin’s wedding photography trip to Port Sunlight on the Wirral Peninsula to remind me that there’s loads more to this incredible city region than I could possible have imagined when I first arrived. Port…

Laura & Mark – Leasowe Castle wedding photography

20th June 2020 0 0

Laura & Mark at Leasowe Castle I love shooting the weddings of deliriously happy couples and these two were no exception. Rarely have I seen a bride and groom enjoy their day more than Mark and Laura - the supply of smiles and laughter seemed endless. Both the families get on famously well, so even the guests were…

Vicky & Mark – Inglewood Manor Wedding Photography

14th June 2020 0 0

I love shooting weddings at Inglewood Manor over on the Wirral!

Wedding Photography Special Offer!

6th January 2020 0 0

How to overcome the problem that is GWVW... In this modern, technical world, we're surrounded and bombarded by new acronyms, so I thought I'd add a new one to the lexicon: Great Wedding Venue Withdrawal or GWVW for short. So what is it? Well, I've noticed over the years that I've been privileged to take…

Inglewood Manor wedding photography

19th July 2019 0 0

May found me at the delightful Inglewood Manor – one of my favourite Wirral wedding…

Why I love being the wedding photographer at a Leasowe Castle wedding so much!

12th November 2018 0 0

Ah, wedding photography at Leasowe Castle. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not that castle-like…

Another beautiful couple in a beautiful venue: Inglewood Manor, Cheshire

9th September 2018 0 0

Man, I love my job! Ruth and Peter’s wedding at Inglewood Manor was just a…

Rachel & James – Hillbark Hotel wedding photography

17th January 2017 0 0

I really loved shooting this wedding. I’ve known Rachel’s family for quite a few years now…

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