Rachel & James – Hillbark Hotel wedding photography

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I really loved shooting this wedding. I’ve known Rachel’s family for quite a few years now as her mum and dad are my next door neighbours!

The groom, James, was one of Rachel’s brother’s ushers. You can see Mark’s photos here. The next best thing, of course, was the venue. Hillbark Hotel is really groovy. It looks like an Elizabethan lodge (think Speke Hall) but actually is less than 200 years old. The fact that it’s faux-Elizabethan doesn’t detract from its charms though – it really is a fabulous place. This is the first time that I’ve shot there with the new permanent marquee, so I was very excited to be there again. Having photographed Rachel’s brother’s wedding previously, the day felt more like a day trip with old friends than a day at work but I guess that’s just one of the perks of the wedding photographer’s job 🙂 The travelling was quite straightforward too – I didn’t have far to go for the bride’s preparations! In fact, everything but Hillbark was pretty local – my assistant on this shoot lives five doors up, and the church is less than a mile from my house. Another reason why I love being a wedding photographer in Liverpool – everything’s so nearby.

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