Inglewood Manor wedding photography

19th July 2019 by in category Inglewood Manor, Weddings, Wirral Wedding Photography with 0 and 0

May found me at the delightful Inglewood Manor – one of my favourite Wirral wedding photography venues.

Inglewood Manor has it all, inside and out. I never tire of walking the grounds with a couple, cameras in my hand and head buzzing with the inspiration that this beautiful place provides. From the amazing front facade to the imposing lobby stair case and the amazing gardens, this well kept wedding venue should be high on your list. I hope these wedding photos show why. Thanks to Andy and Suzy and their friends  and families for making this such a great shoot. I tried to go all Jeff Ascough (he’s been a great inspiration over the years – he’s a lot more expensive than me though!) with this gallery and only show black and whites, but, as you’ll see, one image in particular simply insisted on staying in colour. Couples often ask me about this – how many images are going to be delivered in colour and how many in black and white? Well, I shoot in colour as all digital cameras do and then convert some to black and white in post-production. However, I always provide the colour version on the USB stick too 🙂

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