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It’s a good question to ask, but the answer is a little like the length of a piece of string. In Liverpool at least you should expect to be able to pay anything from £250 right up to £3000 and more for a day’s wedding photography. Clearly these prices are from one extreme to the other – so what would you get from each end of the spectrum?

To be honest, I wouldn’t expect much from a £250 photographer. Such low prices indicate one of two things: either that they’re only just starting out in the trade or that they’re not that bothered as they have a day job as well. As long as you understand these factors and are aware of them, then feel free to move on from here – I charge a lot more than £250 for wedding photography!

So what would £3000 buy you? Well, there’s going to be way more than one photographer there for a start. Two or three minimum. There’ll be lighting gaffers, runners, assistants galore. Think of your wedding as being a little like a film set and you get the picture. This would not be to everyone’s style, but for some (professional footballers for example?) where cost is not an issue, then that’s the scale of cost that is appropriate.

Now you’ve read all that, these are my prices for photographing weddings, whether the shoot is in Liverpool, Wirral or Cheshire or even further afield. (there’s a lot more text to read if you like, but at least you’ll know what I charge!)

Silver £1200

Gold £1300

Platinum £1500

Diamond £1700

I prefer to think about ‘Wedding Photography Prices’ as ‘Investments’. Why? Well, it’s simple really. Wedding photography may seem expensive at the time of purchase, but I see the long term value of what I provide.

Think of this – your grandchildren will be able to view your wedding album with images taken by a professional wedding photographer, but your mobile phone images aren’t likely to last that long!

Everything else that you choose for your wedding is temporary – the cake is eaten, the flowers go in the bin, the drinks are drunk, the dress goes on eBay – but the wedding album lives on. Over time, the book becomes a historical record of your families for future generations. Our albums are handmade in Italy and the UK and provide a stunning way of showing your day to family and friends, both now and in the future. On more than one occasion, I’ve been privileged to photograph family groups where that collection of relatives haven’t been together in one place for decades and won’t be together again. Would you want to trust taking an image like that to a guest’s smartphone? So you could say that professional wedding photography is actually priceless. But if you really want to know why wedding photographers charge what they do, take a look at this blog post.

I have deliberately kept my pricing structure as simple as possible, to keep with my ethos that the photography should be the least stressful part of your wedding.

Please bear in mind that the prices shown below do not reflect a single day’s income – the investment includes the album and I routinely spend up to 5 days working on each couple’s wedding.

However, if none of my packages suit your needs, then please do get in touch with your specific requirements and I’ll give you a price. Click here to download our current price list for your own reference.

All packages* also have a 10% discount applicable for non-weekend weddings. There are also extra** discounts available for weddings in January and February. You will get, with all packages:

  • A pre-wedding consultation at your venue to ensure that I understand all your requirements. I visit all venues that your wedding will be using to familiarise myself if it’s somewhere I’ve not shot before.
  • Unobtrusive ‘documentary style’ photo coverage as well as time allotted to traditional family group shots and artistically directed (but natural feeling) shots of you as a couple.
  • I will be with you for a minimum 8 hours – this is generally enough time to include the bride’s final preparations right through to the first dance. (only applies to Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond)
  • I always bring a ‘shooting assistant’ with me to every wedding. They will help me out (bag carrying, lens swapping etc) as well as taking shots from other angles throughout the day.
  • All the photos will be available to you by download from my private cloud server, with permission given for you to make unlimited prints for friends and family. For copyright reasons, any other uses must be cleared with me first.
  • A post-wedding consultation to show the best photos from the day and to discuss your choice of album cover etc.
  • Beautiful photographic heirloom albums, handmade in England or Italy.

The type of album you receive depends on the package you choose. (Please note that the Pure & Simple packages are NOT available on weekends save for November, January, February and March dates) The packages are as follows:

Silver £1200

This package comes with all described above and includes the delightful ‘Ellesmere’ photo album, hand-made in Wirral, England

  • You’ll receive 40 pages, with lay-flat binding and a choice of over 20 different colour covers. Album size is 25cms x 30cms. You can choose from a number of different cover colours/materials or have your favourite image put on the cover.
  • New upgrades available: a Premium Box for just £60.00! Leather cover for only £65.00!

Gold £1300

As Silver, but album is the beautiful Go-Book, handmade in Italy by the world-renowned Graphistudio..

  • You’ll receive 40 pages, with lay-flat binding and a choice of over 20 different colour covers. Album size is 25cms x 35cms.
  • Go-Book comes with an amazing  box with transparent lid. It contains 40 pages (more can be added on request for just £20.00 per double page spread or 2 pages), photographically printed on lustre-finish paper with lay-flat double page spreads. You can choose from a number of different cover colours or have your favourite image put on the cover.
Daniel Charles Wedding Photography Liverpool Cheshire

The graphistudio Go Book comes with the Gold package

Daniel Charles Wedding Photography Liverpool Cheshire

Platinum £1500

As Gold, but with Graphistudio Wedding Book:

  • Album size is 25cms x 35cms with your choice of any of the myriad colours and materials available. I can show you the options if you come to see me.
  • You can choose from the Graphistudio Wedding Book as normal or the stunning Graphistudio Young Book. Come for a meeting to see these fabulous products!

Diamond £1700

This is our premium package. It’s as the Platinum package, but with…

  • A larger Graphistudio Wedding Book album. (size 30cms x 40cms) or…
  • A more traditional Matted Album from Graphistudio.
Daniel Charles Wedding Photography Liverpool Cheshire

Bespoke wedding photography options

If the packages above don’t meet your budgetary needs, then don’t panic – call me for a special package of your own. I’m happy to negotiate with you to give you the best possible service for your budget. No matter what you can afford, the quality of my work remains the same. Nothing is fixed in stone – for example, many couples choose to upgrade their albums after the wedding. Here’s just some of the options you could add to your package:

  • Both Graphistudio Wedding Books and Ellesmere books come with simple protective boxes. Upgrade your Ellesmere box to the new Premium box for just £60.00. Upgrade your Graphistudio box to one of their many premium choices from just £85.00.
  • Parent books – add mini-clones of your main album as gifts to your families. Just £250.00 for two!
  • Second professional photographer – for when you really don’t want to miss a thing! From £250.00
  • Framed prints and canvasses – a great gift idea or as an addition to your walls at home. Prices start from £199.00
  • Extra pages in your album – £20.00 per double page spread.

I’d love to talk with you about your wedding photography requirements. Please go ahead and get in touch using my contact form here or by calling me: 07775 954389. I hope to hear from you soon!

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