Amy & Greg’s incredible summer wedding at Knowsley Hall

What can I say about Amy and Greg’s wedding day at the incredible Knowsley Hall?

From the moment I met them, I knew this was going to be a fantastic wedding – they’re two of the nicest and zaniest young folks I’ve come across in my career as a wedding photographer. But there’s something else that made me so excited about shooting their wedding – the venue was Knowsley Hall. If you’ve spent any time on my website at all, you’ll know that I’m just a little bit geeky about the place. When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, every box is ticked: Fabulous rooms: Check. Attentive professional staff: Check. Amazing gardens and exterior: Check. Delicious food: Check. OK, so it’s not the cheapest place out there, but you certainly get what you pay for with Knowsley Hall! One of its best features is that it’s as gorgeously amazing indoors as it is outdoors. This isn’t true of all venues, so if rain comes along on your wedding day and you get stuck indoors all day, it’s just as well to have chosen a lovely interior as well as exterior. Why do I bring this up? Well, it rained pretty much all day on Amy and Greg’s wedding day. It was a May wedding, so one might’ve hoped that it would be dry, but sadly not. This meant we couldn’t take advantage of the incredibly beautiful gardens at Knowsley Hall. As the day progressed, we kept hoping it would brighten up, but the rain kept pouring. From the start of the day, when the staff were escorting guests with umbrellas from the carpark to the front door, to the end of the evening, when my assistant and I were packing our cars to go home.

So how did I get all the gorgeous golden hour photos you can see above?  Simple: I suggested that we get everything we can from the indoors anyway and then wait for better weather and return there one evening with nothing else on the agenda but amazing wedding couple photos. To my delight, both Amy and Greg thought this was a great idea and happily got back into their wedding clothes about 2 weeks after the wedding. Even Knowsley Hall helped out – there was nothing going on so the caretaker, who lives on site, let us have the run of the building and the grounds. Wonderful! Other highlights from this wedding photography extravaganza include Greg arriving at Knowsley Hall  without his suit jacket!  And then, instead of sending one of his minions back for it, he went himself! This explains why there’s hardly any photos of Greg and his guys before the wedding! Amy had 10 bridesmaids – count ’em, 10! Naturally, one of them broke her wrist in the week before and turned up with a cast. Of all the many weddings I’ve done in Knowsley Hall, I think Amy and Greg’s is the most memorable and will long be my favourite.

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