Carla & Matt – a 30 James Street wedding in Liverpool

When couples come to see me to talk about wedding photography, I always like to ask them a little bit about themselves: who they are, where they come from, what’s their story?

So being something of an aviation and space exploration geek, I was amazed when Matt told me he works for ESA, the European Space Agency.

“Wow!”, I said. “Have I got a real live rocket scientist sitting in my consultation room?!?”. “No.”, said Matt, “I’m in accounts.” Oh well. But hey, he still gets to see astronauts occasionally, so it’s not all bad. Dr Carla is a published, PhD-wielding osteoarchaeologist. (Try saying that with a mouthful of cream crackers!) I was absolutely delighted to photograph the wedding of these two amazingly talented people, who’d been together since their teenage years at school. Since the ESA headquarters are in Holland and Matt & Carla live there, I was even able to regale them with my smattering of Dutch, although it has to be said that, thankfully, my wedding photography is much, MUCH better than my Dutch!

“Dan was great before, during, and after our big day. Beforehand he was flexible and accommodating in meeting with us on the occasions we were in the country. On the day, Dan and his assistant were very unobtrusive and almost blended in as members of the wedding party! He was extremely helpful in ensuring our family and friends were in the right place at the right time for photos – something akin to herding cats! His knowledge of locations around Liverpool’s waterfront meant that we got some great outdoor shots that nicely complemented those within the venue. All in all we would highly recommend Dan to anyone looking for a photographer.”

Carla & Matt

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