Why I love being the wedding photographer at a Leasowe Castle wedding so much!

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Ah, wedding photography at Leasowe Castle. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s not that castle-like really, but what it lacks in ramparts and portcullises, it makes up with location and light. Recently refurbished to a very nice finish, Leasowe Castle has returned to my list of best venues for weddings on Wirral. Its location right on the seafront on the north west corner of the peninsula means it benefits from my favourite outdoor wedding photograph background – the big sunset! But what if it’s raining and you can’t get outside? Well, take a look at Sarah and James’ photos here and you’ll see how the refreshed interior lends itself beautifully to indoor wedding photography too. They got married in the amazing Keep room – laid out like a chapel, it provides an almost church-like feel to a civil ceremony. With its glass roof, it also provides ample light to the photographer – something churches tend not to achieve! We were blessed with good weather on the day, which meant we could then take advantage of all of the Castle’s exterior features, perfect for family group photos. Did I mention the sunset already?

Sarah and James’ wedding was a riot of love and fun from start to finish – it was a real privilege to share in their big day with their families and friends. This is something I never take for granted and it’s always so nice to be ‘included’ in the day. Yes, my assistant and I work very hard from when we arrive to when we leave (although we do take a break while everyone’s eating!) but with folks as warm and friendly as Sarah & James’ people, it’s hard not to feel like guests as well! It really was a fabulous day and I was delighted to see them again when I handed their beautiful Ellesmere albums over to them. But that’s enough from me – here’s what they said,

Dan was phenomenal! From the very start he put us both at ease. Maybe this was from his clear expertise or his quick witted humour. He knows what looks good and will shoot the best of your special day. His work speaks for itself. He will also help make sure the day runs smoothly for a small fee of food. He made our special day incredible. Thank you so much!! Cannot put into words how much it meant to us.

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