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Liverpool wedding photographer Daniel Charles Photography gets giddy about his home town
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Liverpool Wedding Photography – what can I say?

I’ve lived in and loved this city for nearly twenty years. I arrived here in 2002 and have no intention of ever living anywhere else. Liverpool is, without a shadow of a doubt, the finest city in England. I’ve lived and worked in London, I studied in Salisbury and neither of these extraordinary places can come close to the glorious gem that is Liverpool. The places, the people, the parks, all of it comes together in one riot of sound and colour and emotion – if you’ve never been to Liverpool, what are you waiting for? Drop everything, get in the car and come. Need a guide? Drop me a line!

Anyway, I’m meant to be talking about being a Liverpool Wedding Photographer here! Liverpool has been a vibrant centre of maritime commerce for centuries (sadly also including the horror years of slave trading) and its architecture is suitably grand and awe-inspiring. Many of the wedding venues ooze with charm and style. Add into this the Scouse wit that you’ll get from every bar worker and it’s not hard to see why being a Liverpool Wedding Photographer really is my dream job. I’ll never forget the first time a groom said to me, with  just a hint of envy in his voice, “You really love this job, don’t you?” Well, it’s true – I do love being a wedding photographer, and being one in Liverpool is like a slice of heaven on a plate.

Bride looks at groom in bluebell woodland

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