Croxteth Hall – Liverpool wedding photography nirvana!

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Croxteth Hall – I just love shooting weddings there!

It’s easy to get to, the staff are amazingly helpful and accommodating and finally, it’s simply stunning, inside and out. Jen and David got married in the Atrium room at the Suites Hotel in Knowsley and thanks to its beautiful glass ceiling, one of the lightest indoor wedding spaces I’ve shot in. (The competition’s pretty fierce though, when you consider that Isla Gladstone and the Palm House are in the running too!) The day was so packed and lively that we only just managed to shoe-horn in a trip to Croxteth Hall – and I’m SO glad we did. It’s one of those places where you’ve got to work pretty hard to take a bad photo and when you’re working with people as lovely as Jen and David, the ingredients for success are all there in the mix. If you’re getting married at the Suites Hotel Knowsley, I STRONGLY recommend that you contact Croxteth Hall to see if there’s availability for your couple shoot in the evening. It really doesn’t cost very much and I can guarantee you won’t regret it. If you want to know more about this option, just give me a call.

Highlights of this wedding were Jen’s dad suddenly producing a guitar to ‘sing’ his speech and the astonishment of Jen and Dave discovering only after the event that they’d been wedding crashed! A couple of mystery guests had appeared in their evening wedding photos from guests and a photo booth. They asked around to see who these lads were, but no one knew them. All became clear when they read the last entries in their guest book: “We crashed your party – we know it’s rude and we’re sorry – but yours was the best party we’ve ever been to!” Outrageous, but you’ve got to give them top marks for boldness and cheek!

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