Farai & Dan – Hope Street Hotel Wedding Photography

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Sometimes it’s easy to end up thinking, thanks mostly to the media, that we live in a dangerous world filled with horrible people and terrible dangers.

And then you meet people like Farai and Dan, and you can push a mental reset button and remember that the vast majority of people in this wonderful country are really very nice indeed. This is one of the special privileges of my job – I keep getting to meet and hang out with really fabulous people! Farai and Dan were no exception. They had their whole wedding day at the Hope Street Hotel – a venue I’m quite familiar with and also, just a little in love with. It has many quirks and incredible photographic opportunities as well as being positioned on one of Liverpool’s most famous and eclectic streets, with its views of both city cathedrals and side roads of cobbles and Victorian lamp posts. Perhaps the best thing about the hotel itself is its 4th floor balcony giving un-rivalled views across the world class city that we all love so much. There’s not many hotels in Liverpool that give this kind of view and I always make use of it when I’m shooting a wedding here. Situated as it is, with so many groovy places all around, it really is a true gem! I think this is reflected in Farai and Dan’s photographs – if you like them, and you’re getting married at this Liverpool wedding venue, then why not get in touch with me?

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