The best wedding photos of 2021 – oh yeah, we’re back, people!

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Anyone else have the feeling that 2020 didn’t happen?

Let’s face it, we all thought that 2021 was going to be a restart, but it limped across the New Year’s line like a poor clone of 2020.  I, along with everyone else hoped, foolishly perhaps, that coronavirus had been beaten, and everything was going to get back to normal. Sadly it wasn’t quite what we all expected, save for one thing – weddings were allowed again! So, from apart from a mere four covid cancellations (One in February, one in March and TWO in April), 2021 really felt like the year that the wedding industry fought back. I was the wedding photographer for a total of 19 weddings in and around Liverpool. Admittedly several of these wedding shoots were re-scheduled from 2020 meaning that I couldn’t take any more bookings (several dates had already been selected by re-scheduling clients by the time 2021 bookings started getting lively) for those dates, but that didn’t diminish from 2021 being one of my best years in wedding photography for a while. I got to do another first look. I got to shoot at Thornton Manor again. I shot at some new venues (always a plus) and I shot at some well loved old familiar venues too. I even earned a ranking amongst the 100 best wedding photographers in the UK! (That mightn’t sound much, but when you consider that there’s at least 50 wedding photographers in Liverpool alone, it quickly seems quite significant!)

Enough waffling – let’s have a look at the wedding photos that really floated my boat in 2021! I’ve added a couple of shots from each wedding since I’m still no better at choosing an absolute favourite photo from a wedding. If you like what you see here and you’re getting married soon, it’s probably a good idea for us to meet up. Click here to get in touch with me – I really want to hear about your wedding plans!

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