Strewth! Put another shrimp on the barbie!

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A Liverpool Wedding Photographer’s Aussie wedding adventure

Now, I should explain straightaway that (sadly) I didn’t get to travel all the way to Perth for the wedding of Lyn & John, but thankfully, lots of their mates did make that journey for them in reverse.

Lyn & John both grew up in the Liverpool area but had independently moved to Australia a number of years ago. They met at a Scousers-in-Oz type of event and hit it off.  They had their legal marriage in Australia but then organised a Liverpool wedding ceremony, ring exchange and full-on party for all their families and friends here in the UK. Lyn gave me the best feedback I think I’ve ever received from a couple:

Hey Dan! Just going through our wedding album and I’m so blown away. Had it for a few weeks now but this is the first time I’ve sat down and gone through it properly. You really were made for this and I’m so happy with the results. My only regret is not having a video from you [we don’t do video but we’re friends with some of the best who do – just ask and we can recommend them to you]. So wanted again to say a huge thank you for making our day what it was and creating these memories. Being back home in Liverpool and getting married was a big deal for us and our families so doing this meant so much and you captured that for us so thank you ❤️ We definitely picked the right photographer. So glad I chose you as what you’ve done for us is amazing 😉 You were born for this mate!

Lyn & John chose the amazing venue that is 30 James Street, who looked after them all so well on the day. And of course, 30 James Street is situated in the most perfect location for wedding photography in Liverpool – the Mann Island dock is opposite, as well as the Three Graces. This location is so rich in opportunity for photographers of all types, it’s become absolutely my firm favourite in the city region (I also teach photography there – get in touch if you’re interested in developing your photography). 

For me, one of the highlights of this wedding was getting to meet so many Aussies. Liverpool weddings tend to be lively affairs anyway, but throw some Australians in too and it’s sure to be a blast! I love meeting new people, so getting to quiz some real Aussies about whether anyone ever says, “Throw another shrimp on the barbie!” and “You flamin’ gallah!” certainly gave me the smiles I like to capture in my group photos. (If you’re wondering, the answer to those questions was a resounding no!)

The speeches were fabulous – Jon’s kids got very involved and his youngest daughter’s speech was simply hilarious. His young lad was Best Man #1 (Jon’s older brother was definitely playing second fiddle to this little superstar) and together they brought the house down in a double act to remember.

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