Covid-19 – what a pain in the butt!

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How’s your lockdown going?

Apart from going just a little stir-crazy halfway through, it’s not affected myself or my family in any drastically negative way. Sure, we really miss seeing all of our friends and replies but let’s face it – that’s nothing compared to losing a member of your family to this horrid disease. On the business front however, things are a little tense. I’ve seen virtually all of my 2020 weddings postponed – to date, I’ve shot only one! I can only imagine how much angst and emotional trauma couples are going through when they postpone their long-awaited wedding day, let alone the financial costs.

But it really looks like things are hotting up for 2021, which is wonderful to see. I’ve taken three new bookings in just 7 days to add to all the transferred dates from 2020, which is great news. But if you’re wanting to book me as your photographer, you’d better get in quick. As general advice to all couples who’ve been forced to delay their weddings because of this awful situation, I have this: Don’t delay finding a new date with your venue and suppliers! So far I’ve been happy to help out my 2020 couples by transferring their deposits to their new dates, but there’s only so many weekends available in any given year and 2021’s are getting booked up fast.

If you’ve got caught short, and your photographer is unable to transfer your wedding shoot to a new date as they’re already booked, then please get in touch. All is not lost! There’s much talk amongst photographers at the moment about how we can support one another through this time, but the hard reality is that there is a finite number of professional photographers out there with a finite number of days to shoot weddings on. So again, I reiterate: don’t leave it too late to find a professional creative wedding photographer as your wedding deserves to be photographed properly, postponed or not!

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