Liverpool Airport wedding photography??

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Claire and Steven’s wedding at Crowne Plaza Speke

There was once a time when Liverpool Airport was at Speke. This was about 40 years ago admittedly, but whilst the planes now land just down the road at John Lennon Airport, the spirit of aviation remains at what is now the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It’s filled with fabulous Art Deco period features and hides an astonishing aeroplane graveyard concealed in the back carpark. For me, this feature alone makes it one of my favourite places to shoot as I’m just a little bit geeky about aeroplanes. (Just a little – I don’t have a note-book or anything!) But there’s more! If you book the bridal suite (a really lovely room) you get straightforward access to the flat roof and an amazing uncluttered view of the old control tower! (I know, I’m just geeking out here!) So every time I get to shoot there, I’m in a special happy place all of my own… Although, I have to say, I was happier before the management decided to festoon the replica plane out the front in fairy lights. Please take them off? Please? (addendum – it seems there was a divine intervention  – a very strong winter storm removed not only the lights but also the plane to which they’d been attached, so I guess the problem’s fixed!) Regardless, it’s still a great place to have a wedding party and I still love shooting weddings there!

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