Knowsley Hall. There is none finer in the North West.

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I just love shooting weddings here in Knowsley Hall.

The wedding of Lucy and Andrew was my 2nd outing to the best venue in the area. I’m thrilled to shooting in Knowsley Hall again in October of this year – can’t wait!

Lucy and Andrew’s wedding was loads of fun and once again, the weather did what it’s meant to on wedding days – stay dry and sunny. We got to use all of Knowsley Hall’s fabulous gardens and paths, not only in the daytime for the wedding family groups shots, but then also in the glorious sunset light of early evening. Spring and autumn weddings, like this one, get to make use of what we photographers call the golden hour. Knowsley Hall itself faces west, so the setting sun sets the facade on fire! (So to speak!) We asked Lucy and Andrew simply to walk down the front steps and along the drive to the gates. A distance of about 100 metres – that’s all it needs in this fantastic wedding photography venue. The results speak for themselves…

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