Cameras at weddings. What are they for? Time to go unplugged!

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I think this post, categorized as it is under ‘Musings’, is possibly a bit more of a rant than a muse. Apologies in advance 🙂

I’ve noticed, over the years, that the number of cameras at weddings is increasing. This, in itself, is not a bad thing at all. It’s lovely to take photos of your friends and family at weddings – I should know! So what’s this grumble about then? It’s the replacement of smiling faces by cameras. Confused? Read on…

There are two main points in the day when I wish there were no other cameras. Funnily enough, they’re both in the ceremony. In my imagination, what the bride and her father/guardian/’give-awayer’ would most like to see as they come down the aisle towards the expectant groom, is the faces of their families and friends, gasping with joy at the bride’s radiant beauty. What do they get more of, in this day and age? A sea of camera phones, iPads and pocket cameras as well as the odd DSLR. The folks holding these devices are not making eye contact with anything save for the screen on the back of their device of choice and therefore the experience is dehumanised for both the bride and the guest.

The next point where I think cameras should be put away is as the bride and her new husband make their way back down the aisle to exit the ceremony room/venue. They see the same thing, a forest of lenses and flashes. I can actually see, through my lens, the slight disappointment in their eyes. Why not make eye contact? Shout, ‘congratulations!’? Slap the groom on the back as he passes? Even just grin inanely?

The big issue for me here is this: what exactly is going to happen to all those photos? How many, particularly in a dark church, are never going to see the light of day? They probably won’t even make it as far as Facebook, let alone get printed off. So perhaps, at the next wedding you go to, consider the happy couple. Show them some more happiness with a great big smile, rather than just demonstrating that you’ve got a new smart phone.

Finally, here’s a tip for all you budding wedding videographers. Don’t forget that the telly, the cinema screen and the computer screen all share one thing in common: they’re landscape in orientation (that means that the top and bottom are longer than the sides.) So, when you’re filming, don’t forget to turn the iPad/iPhone/Samsung knock-off on its side too. You won’t regret it.

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