11,12,13,14,15,16… what?

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Some weddings in the Liverpool area stick in the mind more than others.

There’s plenty of reasons for this – maybe it was the bride’s dress that was so beautifully made, or the camaraderie between the groom and his guys. Sometimes, it’s simply the incredible love between the couple and their devotion to one another. Other times, it’s the depth of familial love that is plain to see. Sometimes, though, it’s all of these things! Cora and Adam’s wedding ticked all these boxes and more – it was really, really good fun! It may have been a bleak December day but they didn’t seem bothered by any of my suggestions about where they should get their photos done, although my assistant did loan his coat to Cora when we were on the beach at Crosby! 🙂 Cora and Adam tied the knot at a church in Blundell Sands, then had some photos on the beach at Crosby and finished up at Lakeside Adventure Centre. The weather was freezing, the water no doubt even colder. This wouldn’t have mattered, save for Adam’s trip into the marine lake… thank goodness for dry-suits!

All in all, I think their wedding was the most memorable of 2013. They signed the register on 11/12/13 at 14:15 and sixteen seconds precisely, with an iPad on the register desk to prove the point. They went for a ride on a RIB in the freezing Marine Lake. In our planning meeting before the wedding, I jokingly suggested that Adam could ‘fall in’ when getting onto the jetty, as the boat ride was a surprise to all the guests (normally a couple might arrive at the venue by wedding car, or horse drawn carriage – a speedboat is quite rare!). Adam immediately said, “YES!” So he arranged a spare wedding suit to go over the top of a dry-suit that Lakeside Adventure Centre provided. They arrived by the back door and got kitted up whilst all the guests were enjoying their welcome drinks and canapes. A few laps around the lake and then we got everyone outside to greet the happy couple. Cora got out of the boat safely but Adam fell in! Brilliant! Although it did seem the sort of thing that most of his guests expected him to do, so maybe a little of the surprise was lost 🙂 A jolly on a bouncy castle with their gorgeous little boy rounded off the craziest wedding day ever.

Lakeside Adventure Centre in Crosby is one of my favourite venues. If you’re getting married there, please do get in touch – maybe we can come up with a special plan for your arrival – hovercraft?

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