My favourite wedding photographs from 2013

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I have to say that for a long and frankly disturbing time, 2013 didn’t feel like such a great year for wedding photography as it subsequently turned out to be. I mean to say, what wasn’t to like? I got to shoot at Knowsley Hall, my all time favourite venue, no less than 4 times! Inglewood Manor and  Isla Gladtone, twice each. So why the long face? Well, at this point last year, I had about 6 weddings booked up for 2013. That may or may not sound too bad to you, but to put this figure into context, for 2014, right now, I have 25 booked, with 2 of those shot already. So as you can see, the start of 2013 was a sober time for me. Thankfully, things picked up and I ended up shooting 32 weddings in and around Liverpool in 2013. This was down by 4 on 2012’s total of 36, but I think the reason for that is in triskaidekaphobia or the fear of 13 as it’s better known. So I’m very glad to have had so many not-in-the-slightest-bit superstitious couples book me in the end – yes, even including one on Friday the 13th September, 2013! I also experienced shooting three weddings back to back, with the middle one falling on my birthday! Finally, in December, I shot at the same venue two days on the trot.

Choosing my favourites was tougher than ever. On at least 1 of these shoots, I almost had to close my eyes and stab my finger at the screen to choose between the best images of the day. It’s a tough process, but one that I love to do every year. Maybe next year I’ll let my fave 2 images from each wedding through, but, for the time being at least, here’s the best of 2013 by Daniel Charles Photography, Liverpool Wedding Photographer.

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