Rowton Hall Wedding Photography

25th August 2019 by in category Rowton Hall, Weddings with 0 and 0

This wedding has to have been the HOTTEST one I’ve ever shot!

Even my Brazilian assistant at the time, Camila, conceded that it was, “a little warm”. This was the first time I’d shot a wedding at Rowton Hall in Cheshire and I sincerely hope it won’t be the last. Everything about Carla and Andy’s wedding there was memorable, from the dove release to the sheer wonderfulness/lunacy of the couple agreeing to climb out of the bridal suite window onto the flat roof to catch the last rays of sunshine for some truly delicious couple shots. It was a blisteringly hot day – one of the last of the summer. Thank goodness for air-conditioning in hotels, that’s all I have to say about that. I’m somehwat follically-challenged myself, so often pack a bottle of suncream on summer wedding days, but it was my assistant Camila who came to the rescue on this one, as I’d forgotten to pack any. I was aware that I was starting to cook just a little, but Carla was really starting to show signs of sun exposure and I wasn’t having a sunburnt bride – not on my watch! Cam rushed back to the car park and grabbed her sunscreen – much to Carla’s relief. The outdoor shoot could go on, and I hope you’ll agree that it was a good thing as Cam and I got some beautiful photos of the newly weds and their guests. A very lovely couple at a very lovely venue – my favourite combination!

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