2016 – my best Liverpool wedding photography year ever!

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People often ask me how many weddings I shoot in Liverpool each year.

I wonder how many you think is a normal amount? Most of us get to go to maybe one or to weddings a year when we’re youngish, as our peers get hitched all around us. But I’ve found, as the years go by, that the number of weddings my wife and I get invited to has steadily dropped off. One hopes that this is because all our friends and family members are now married, not that we have no friends! 🙂

Being a lover of all things social and lively, weddings have long been an event that I’ve really enjoyed being at, so being a Liverpool wedding photographer really is a very natural career fit for me. So when it comes to how many weddings I’d like to be at,  I’ve always thought that 40 weddings a year is my ideal total. Anything more than 20 means I don’t have to send the kids to work in the mines, anything above 30 means we’re doing fine and 40? Well, 40 would just be a very nicely iced cake indeed. 2016 would’ve been 41, save for 4 cancellations (2 break ups and 2 babies) I think any more than 40 would be almost impossible to manage, as for a start, photographing weddings is actually pretty hard work. We’re with the couple all day, and sometimes that day can be long! Then there’s all the meetings to fit in, both before and after the wedding. Hours and hours of post-production for each and every wedding… I know how hard I like to work, and how much I like to spend time with my family, which is why 40 seems to be a sensible maximum. Anyway, here they are, my favourite shots from each of the 37 wedding related shoots that 2016 provided. The list of venues was tremendous this year too: The Titanic Hotel, The Beatles Museum, Hillbark Hotel, Port Sunlight and even Liverpool Cathedral – it really was a great year 🙂

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