West Tower in Aughton – check these wedding photos out!

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This was a memorable wedding, mainly because of the weather – amazing sunshine in the day (maybe a little too much?) which totally failed to warm up the ground for the evening, when the temperature plunged and it was decidedly parky!

There was live jazz at the wonderful venue that is West Tower and amazing food for all the guests. Helen and John were so easy to photograph; their abundant love for each other was written all over their faces all day long.

The day started with Helen’s preparations at their house. From there, we travelled to Our Lady Hope of Christians RC Church in St Helens for their wedding ceremony. The church interior looked fantastic after a recent refurbishment to repair fire damage. The sun was streaming through the windows, bathing everyone in glorious September light. We did the family photos in the lovely garden to the side of the church and then made our way to the fabulous West Tower wedding venue in Aughton. It is dedicated to weddings, and I have to say, it does them very well indeed! There’s lots of space and lots of rooms each with their own flavour and style. Whilst it’s situated in the very flat west side of Lancashire, there’s still fabulous views to be had from the lawns, with the sun setting spectacularly on Helen and John’s wedding day there. 

This wasn’t my first shoot here, but the previous couple who booked me to photograph their West Tower wedding stipulated that I didn’t show any of their photos on my website, as the groom was in a very particular branch of the military so couldn’t be shown in his uniform. Very exciting! Anyway, if you’re getting married at this funky venue, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see if I’m the right photographer for you!

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