Peckforton Castle Wedding by Daniel Charles Photography

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Whilst I consider myself primarily a Liverpool Wedding Photographer, and this only because I live in this fantastic city and shoot the vast majority of my weddings here, I do so love to travel a bit to other locations to do the job that I love so much. You don’t have to travel far from Liverpool to find yourself in Cheshire, with its rolling hills and beautiful forests. Nestled deep in the countryside, on the side of a hill and surrounded by woodland, you’ll find Peckforton Castle. It’s a wedding photographer’s dream, with everything any photographer could  wish for, from well-kept gardens to gnarly trees and heavy doors. The exterior feels decidedly mediaeval with its huge battlements – but this not being a real castle, they’ve never had an arrow fired from them, let alone boiling oil! But don’t let that put you off – the interior is full of antique furniture and tapestries and also feels like a time machine, taking you back to the days of knights in shining armour lopping the heads off toiling peasants for sword practice (I’ve never been a fan of the feudal age!)

Rachel and Adam chose well in their venue, and I was delighted when they chose me to photograph their wedding day there. They booked me over two years in advance at a time when I hadn’t shot at Peckforton Castle; in fact, my first shoot there was before theirs! This just meant that I was familiar with the venue which was only a plus for them and their guests. A particular highlight was the inclusion of owls – I love anything unusual at a wedding and hiring a van full of predatory birds is right up my alley! The live entertainers were a riot in the evening too. I was really pleased with how this  shoot turned out – all I need now is a summer Peckforton Castle wedding as the two I’ve done so far have both been in October! So if you’re getting married there in 2020, then you can claim 10% off your wedding photography, even if your day is a Saturday. Get in touch quick to take advantage of this offer!

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