So here we are, 2013. Time to take a look back at what happened last year and show off the best shot from every wedding. Well, I say best shot, but photography is very subjective and I know that not everyone agrees about what makes a great photo. 2012 was a stonking year for me. I took some of the best photography of my career and had some tremendous days out, all courtesy of some wonderful people who decided to book me over all the others for their wedding photographer. I never take that privilege lightly – it’s not written in stone, and there’s a lot of competition out there. So I love it when folks decide I’m the best photographer for them.

I got to shoot in some simply amazing venues last year as well. Knowsley Hall (wow!), the Belle Epoque (very cool!), St George’s Hall Concert Room (several times – very nice), Hope University Cornerstone Building (real surprise!) but best of all, the Anglican Cathedral Lady Chapel followed by Soughton Hall. Best wedding day ever for me; thanks Anna and Tom! 36 weddings in all – the canny amongst you will note that there are only 35 photos. That’s because the couple who got married at the amazing Inn at Whitewell requested that their photos not appear online. I’m not yet such a prima donna that I’d refuse such a request!

Here are my favourites…

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