Another reason not to use a friend as your wedding photographer.

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Always hire a professional wedding photographer – here’s why!

First, though, let me point out that I am NOT a Daily Mail reader!

In fact, even linking to a story on their foul website sends a shiver down my spine. However, this sorry tale is an excellent reminder of the dangers of trusting your wedding photography to an amateur ‘photographer’. I found this story via a posting on a wedding photographer’s forum I’m a member of. Anyway, here’s the link – please read it if you’re also considering asking a family member or friend to do your wedding photos instead of asking a professional. (Like me for example!) Why is this so important? Well, for a start, the tale below is so terrible that I can only imagine the anguish this couple must feel. I’ve got various friends who asked mates to do their wedding photos for them and who’ve been sorely disappointed with the results. Even years later, they still regret their decision. As I’ve said elsewhere, wedding photography may seem expensive, but the cost is nothing compared to the years of disappointment you will suffer if you don’t hire a pro. Just because you know someone with a fancy-pants camera (I’ve got three!) doesn’t mean they’ll know how to photograph a wedding. I’ve got a toolbox full of spanners and the like, but I’m not a mechanic as a result. I don’t even try to repair my car, let alone someone else’s! Anyway, here’s the story of wedding photography woe:

Wedding Photographer Loses All Photos in Brawl

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