Summer Soughton Hall wedding photography

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You could almost hear my jaw hitting the floor when Anna and Tom first got in touch and told me where they were getting married: Liverpool Cathedral AND Soughton Hall!

Both of these venues are peerless in this north west region. The Cathedral has to be seen to be believed and the olde worlde charms of Soughton Hall ooze from every corner. It really was a fantastic day, and the much feared North Wales rain didn’t put in an appearance! The wedding day started with bridal preparation photos at Anna’s parents house in Liverpool. We then made our way to the jaw-droppingly beautiful Lady Chapel in the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral (wow!) This was definitely a memorable bucket-list moment for me – previous to Anna and Tom’s wedding, I could only have dreamed of photographing a wedding in this incredible place of worship. If you have never been inside the Anglican Cathedral, it really is worth a visit. The Lady Chapel is hidden away in one far corner and is absolutely breathtaking! It’s almost too much after seeing the Cathedral itself, to discover yet another ‘church’ inside the other! After making use of the wonderful Cathedral interior and exterior, we followed the three coaches (!) all the way down to North Wales and the simply wonderful Soughton Hall. I still remember going there for the first time to meet with Tom and Anna to plan the shoot – from a distance it almost looked derelict but of course it is anything but. Soughton Hall is a really fabulous place, surrounded by gorgeous hidden gardens and lawns. It’s so versatile it’s almost untrue.  I’m still using Anna and Tom’s wedding album as a sample to show off to prospective customers which is proof of just how wonderful this wedding was! Happy days!

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