Rachel & Gary – The Racquet Club

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Another Liverpool wedding venue that I’ll never get tired of being the photographer at: The Racquet Club

The Racquet Club in Liverpool – it’s easily one of my favourite venues and real fun to shoot in. With its vintage charm and modern outlook, it really ticks the boxes for a great wedding venue. The mezzanine library room is probably my favourite as it’s easy to get great shots there, particularly because of the huge daylight ceiling – it’s not a skylight, but daylight balanced lamps certainly make it look and feel like one. The stairs are beautiful and each floor has its own features – chaise longues and armchairs abound. The Racquet Club is surrounded by St Nicholas’ Church gardens, the Liver Building and so much more. The food and staff are excellent too. But that’s not the only reason I enjoyed Rachel and Gary’s wedding so much. Here’s another thing: Weddings that have people in them that I’ve photographed before are always a source of joy for me. I love people anyway, so seeing old friends is always great. But when those old friends have told their friends and family that they should hire me for their wedding photographer? Well, that’s just magic, right there. So thanks loads to Lisa & Matthew Benson for putting their reputation on the line and recommending me to the lovely Rachel & Gary. One lovely memory I have is of asking Gary, at the the end of the day, about his job. It’s very technical and involves oil pipelines. I listened and then said, “Oh I see – so you’re responsible for the jackets that go around the pipeline junctions to heat the glue so that they can be taken apart and put back together again?” “Yes!” said Gary with a look of wonder on his face. “You’re the only person I’ve met outside of my work that understands what I do!” Well, we aim to please, Gary, we aim to please!

I hope you like these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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