Meols Hall Wedding Photography – Emma & Jason

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This was my first wedding photography shoot at Meols Hall near Southport.

I was a newbie to Meols Hall wedding photography but as I’ve mentioned  elsewhere on my blog, I LOVE shooting at new venues! I’m often asked, “Have you shot at our wedding venue before?”, but it’s never a question that troubles me. There’s a perfectly good reason why being a newbie at an amazing wedding venue like Meols Hall shouldn’t trouble the bride and groom either – I’m a professional wedding photographer. This means that it’s my job to not be phased by anything that happens on a wedding photography shoot – or its location. New venues fill me with excitement as I consider all the new possibilities that I’ve not experienced before. So don’t let it worry you if your photographer hasn’t shot at your venue  before – unless they’re not a pro, of course.

The weather didn’t  put them off

As is sometimes the case with December weddings, Emma & Jason’s big day was a bit chilly, and a bit wet, and a bit muddy. Whilst this meant we couldn’t take advantage of many of Meols Hall’s lovely outdoor spots, it didn’t stop us getting outside to do what we could, nor did it prevent everyone from having a fabulous time.

Emma was very willing to take the risk of getting a bit mucky!

You can see the evidence in some of the photos, but Emma was determined to enjoy the outdoors courtyard with her guests, so who were we to suggest otherwise? Meols Hall wedding barn has a wonderfully rustic feel to it and it looks absolutely fabulous when dressed up for a wedding. Emma and Jason’s day there looked beautiful – their simple but elegant table design was a real winner. Emma and Jason’s Meols Hall wedding also provided me with one of the most fun (and most challenging) shots – the sparkler run! Many thanks to my excellent assistant on this day: the very capable Linda from Linda Betts Photography. If you like what you see of this Meols Hall wedding photography then please do get in touch – we’d  love to hear from you!

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