Love doesn’t care about age…

4th April 2019 by in category Liverpool Marina, Weddings with 0 and 0

When we talk about wedding photography, particularly in a city as vibrant as Liverpool, the mind tends to conjure up images of beautiful young things starting out on life’s great journey together.

But that’s not the whole picture of this wonderful job that I have. So whilst it’s not often that I get to photograph the marriage of wedding couples older than me – but I do so love to do it! Sue and Eric’s wedding day was as full of love and laughter as any I’ve ever shot – Sue seemed to find the whole day quite hilarious! It was a beautifully sunny spring day with an abundance of blue skies. Sue and Eric are members of a sailing boat owners’ syndicate and so had access to the jetties at Liverpool Marina. It’s not essential to have this access if you’re using the Marina as a wedding venue, but it sure does help! We had a great time strolling amongst the boats and got some lovely shots on the Artful Dodger. The area around the Marina is lovely too so we managed to grab a few shots around and about after the meal too, but it has turned decidedly cold, so we scurried back to the warmth of the bar! 

Liverpool Marina is one of my favourite Liverpool wedding photography locations, so if you’re getting married there and you need a photographer, why not get in touch?

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