It’s not what you know…

21st June 2011 by in category Liverpool Marina, Weddings with 0 and 0

… it’s who you know!

I’ve just done my first shoot at the Liverpool Marina. Very nice location – if you can get down to the boats. A quick phone call to the Marina office established that this wasn’t going to happen; “Don’t think your bride will look much good in a life-preserver-jacket.” Fair enough – Health & Safety strikes again. So I had to scrub this from my list of potential sites for the couple’s shots.

But all was not lost – turned out that a bridesmaid’s aunt lived on a boat – in the marina. And there she was, at the Marina Bar & Grill, and only too willing to help. So we did get down amongst the boats. Unfortunately, Auntie’s boat had just been relacquered, so we couldn’t get aboard, so I thought we would be limited to the jetty. Not too bad though?

And then a voice rang out over the water, “Do you want to have your photos on my boat?” OH YES PLEASE!

And here they are. Hope you enjoyed your day on the water as much as I did, Steph and Joe!

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