My first elopement!

1st June 2011 by in category Hard Day's Night Hotel, Liverpool Wedding Photography, Weddings with 0 and 0

We all know how weddings normally go – the loving couple get engaged with the blessings of the respective parents (well, mostly!) and then the venues are chosen, the date selected, the photographer (me, hopefully!) is booked and the invites to friends and family are despatched.

Well, that’s your normal wedding. Naomi and Christopher didn’t want ‘normal’, they wanted unique. And we were very pleased to be asked to record their unusual day!

Their wedding was at the Beatles Hotel, better known as the Hard Day’s Night Hotel. This hotel is utterly fantastic – if you love The Beatles. They even have Beatles lift music! But if you’re not an über-fan, you may find it not exactly to your taste, but this doesn’t detract from its charms or sheer excellence as a hotel. I’ve always enjoyed shooting there and it’s provided me with some of my favourite wedding photographs from any Liverpool venue.

Back to Naomi and Christopher. I started with some portraits of Naomi on her own in the Lennon Suite, before we came down to the  basement for a very tiny wedding to Christopher! The witnesses were the wedding planner and a friend she’d texted to help out! If you’re planning a mini-wedding like this, make sure you’ve considered who’s going to be your witnesses. We can stand in for you if required (I’ve done this twice now, although it does mean that we can’t photograph the legal declarations, as we have to give them our full attention!) Anyway, their wedding went without issue, so instead of coming out to confetti and cheers, we jumped in a taxi and went to the St George’s Hall area for some couple shots. So I really did get my wedding photography dream – to shoot nothing but the couple all day! Well, for a couple of hours at least!

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