COVID doesn’t have to rob your Liverpool wedding of its charm!

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Let’s face it, 2020 has not been a great year for Liverpool wedding photography.

We’ve seen all the memes, laughed at all the jokes, all the while knowing that COVID-19 has wrecked the lives of so many people in this wonderful country. Maybe your Cheshire wedding had to be postponed (I’ve barely shot anything in this benighted year) or seriously downsized. I’ve had so many conversations with my customers this year about transferring wedding photography deposits to 2021 (which I’ve always done without quibble) and now I’ve even had my first 2021 postponement. So is it worth getting married at all at this uncertain time? Well, I have to say that my answer to that question is yes. “But if we’ve only got 15 guests, what’s the point in having a wedding photographer?”

Well, I’ve done three mini-COVID-weddings now and I think these photos should give you the answer to that final question.

All three of these weddings had less than 20 guests and all had to be socially distanced. All three were meant to be bigger, sure, but none had lost its charm or sense of fun, family and love. It was not nice working in a mask, but compared to those who have to wear one  all day, my discomfort for a couple of hours is nothing. It is a shame that there are no speeches or grand receptions right now, but I think the simplicity of a lockdown wedding adds plenty of charm of its own and makes it something to consider.

Tori had this to say about my work at her and Brent’s wedding this week:

Thank you so much for my wedding photos; I love them so much you’ve made me cry. I never believed a photo would make me like how I looked on any occasion and I was so hoping that I’d like the way I looked in my wedding pics. Thank you for making me absolutely love them! I never get into a picture but I love these so much. They’ll be everywhere at home!

Tori & Brent

So if you’re looking for a wedding photographer for a Liverpool, Wirral or Cheshire lockdown wedding, get in touch – I could be just what you’re looking for!

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