30 James Street Liverpool Wedding Photography

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Ah, 30 James Street! What a crazy place for wedding photography this is!

Full of quirks and fun features and smack-bang in Liverpool city centre’s best location for wedding photos, 30 James  Street (Home of  The Titanic, to give it its full name) is one of my favourite locations for wedding photography. Of course, it’s not to be confused with The Titanic Hotel in Bootle. Both locations have their own comedy tales to tell of hens and stags turning up en masse at the wrong one – thankfully I’ve never heard of bridesmaids, guests or groomsmen ever doing this on a wedding day!

30 James Street is opposite the Port of Liverpool building. You can just cross the road to find yourself surrounded by the best architecture in the city, both old and new. You’ll see what I mean with these photos from Emily and Jack’s wedding day in October 2017.

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