The best of 2020? Are you having a laugh?!?

10th August 2021 by in category The Very Best of Liverpool Wedding Photography, Weddings with 0 and 0

2020. The year many of us wish never happened.

For all of us involved in the wedding industry, 2020 was pretty much a source of nothing but disappointment and stress. We watched as wedding after wedding was cancelled, with our dreams of the amazing cakes, photographs, videos, dresses and everything else just disappearing before our eyes. Nothing felt in our control.

But this first paragraph of lament doesn’t  include the genuine sadness we felt for our customers. Yes, we lost income, but our wonderful couples lost their opportunity to bring two families together on a day of singular joy and unity. Sadly for some, they have now lost family members for whom the wedding of their grandchildren would’ve been the pinnacle of their lives. So there’s a considerable amount of soul-searching for me as I show you the best photos I took last year. In the end, I was able to shoot just eight weddings. Only one of them was a full scale event – the rest were pared down to the bare essentials, both in the number of guests and the length of the day. We all felt robbed – myself, my assistants, my customers and everyone who worked on their weddings. 

Interestingly, out of these eight weddings, two of them were at the same venue, which I’d not shot in before. Also, the first wedding of the year can’t be shown due to security reasons for the couple (that’s not unusual!). Plus, one of the last weddings I shot was brought forward and was a closely guarded secret – so I can’t show any from that one either! In any normal year where I’d be shooting 20+ weddings, that wouldn’t really matter, but when you’ve only had eight to show anything from…

I’m still hoping that 2021 can be better, but I’ve already had four cancellations this year too. Please follow the rules out there, folks. Keep your distance. Wear your mask. Take the jab when it’s your turn. We have to work together to put this dreadful experience behind us. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos – I loved every minute of each of the weddings I took them in.

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