Liverpool Bluecoat Chambers wedding

24th November 2014 by in category Bluecoat Chambers, Weddings with 0 and 0

I’ve got a good deal of love for the Liverpool Bluecoat Arts Centre.

It’s where I bought my wedding ring. It’s where some friends got married a long, long time ago. It’s where some other friends got married a couple of years ago. It’s where some new friends, Josh and Becky, got married this year. After the third time of trying! Bless them, Josh and Becky’s wedding looked like it was trying not to happen. They’d booked me back in 2012 but circumstances forced cancellation of the wedding. We tried again in 2013, but the fates were still against us. Finally in 2014, their dream day arrived – and went off without a hitch. Well, apart from Josh trying to set himself on fire during the candle lighting ceremony but that’s another  story… The Bluecoat Centre remains one of my favourite venues. As a contemporary arts centre, it regularly hosts amazing exhibitions and installations, all of which are available as backdrops to the bride and groom. Becky and Josh had a 3 storey hanging paper collage to work with. I think it worked rather well 🙂

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