Last Drop Village Hotel Wedding

11th September 2013 by in category Last Drop Village Hotel, Weddings with 0 and 0

Is this a hotel or a village?

What an extraordinary place this is for wedding photography! Right on the edge of the beautiful moors north of Bolton and full of quirky charms of its own, Mercure’s Last Drop Village Hotel is a highly unusual place. It really does feel more like a little village than a hotel and offers so many amazing opportunities for the wedding photos. Diana and Gary’s wedding was also quite unique… I normally convert around 15% of any wedding photo collection to black and white. Why? Because when there’s no colour to add visual noise, our brains, when viewing a black and white image, focus straight down to the faces of the people in the shot. But in this wedding, you’ll notice a lack, for once, of black and white images, as Diana wanted the wedding to be a riot of tropical colour – and it certainly was! To de-colour these images seemed almost criminal – the colours were so bright and lively, they told another chapter of Diana and Gary’s story on their own. To add to the quirkiness of their wedding day, they even brought their dog along 🙂

Naturally, this is a wedding venue that I would LOVE to shoot at again – are you getting married there? If so, please do get in touch today!

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