I LOVE doing wedding photography for friends!

19th March 2014 by in category Weddings with 0 and 0
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One of the rules of business is never do work for friends or family. Well, DJ and Mike are very good friends and, as members of my church, pretty much family too. I like being a rule breaker! The day started with the boys at Saint Matthew and St. James Mossley Hill Parish Church in Liverpool where the weather was fine, if a little foreboding. A few minutes later we were catching up with the girls at another friend’s house. Finally we ended up at Frontline Church, which is not normally described as photogenic. But another friend produced the most stunning room decorations I have EVER seen at any wedding venue so far. I’m trying to persuade her to set up a business as a room decorator but to no avail. So far… Sadly the weather turned to pants during the ceremony, but I think you’ll agree that indoor wedding shoots in a Liverpool church can make up for not getting outside.

Anyway, here’s some pics from Mike and DJ’s winter wedding:

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