Holme Pierrepont Hall – a long way for a Liverpool Wedding Photographer but worth every mile!

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Natasha & David – Holme Pierrepont Hall

This wonderful summer wedding in Nottingham felt so far from Liverpool, it was like a destination wedding! It’s one of the vagaries of the UK that travel from North to South is easy and in the South and the North, travel from East to West is easy. In the North, however, travel from West to East if there’s any component of south, is horrendous. The journey can take hours by car. But since the destination was the fabulous Holme Pierrepont Hall, every mile was worth it. You may ask why I’m showing a Nottingham wedding venue in a Liverpool Wedding Photography website. Good question – the answer is simple: Natasha and David not only had a venue that meant every shot looked great, but their love for each other shone through too. This combination means that this wedding provided me with some of the best shots of my career to date. It was an absolute joy to photograph their special day, even if it was so far from home. Now, if any one from Nottingham is reading this, and they’re getting married at Holme Pierrepont Hall, don’t worry – I’d be down there like a shot!

One of the most important aspects of a wedding is the memories that are captured. Dan and his assistant wonderfully understood this, taking beautiful shots to give a true reflection of the whole day. Dan took lots of time and care to research the venue and the key people in the process and, as a result, we felt well looked after and genuinely cared for. We spent time with Dan after the wedding looking at the photos and Dan gave us great advice on how best to display them. We feel like we got a great package at a very competitive price. The skill and professionalism of Daniel Charles photography is of the highest standard and should Natasha and I decide to do the day all over again, we will be back in touch!

Natasha & David, Holme Pierrepont Hall

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