Another Christmas wedding: Metropolitan Cathedral Liverpool and Titanic Hotel wedding photographs

Oh my days – this wedding was just phenomenal. Sally and Phil chose the day before Christmas Eve for their wonderful wedding and filled both venues with the nicest people you can imagine. The weather was perfect – bright blue sky but low winter sun. I felt like I was in heaven!

Liverpool has two incredible cathedrals (just another reason why I LOVE this city so much!) and I’ve had the privilege of taking wedding photographs in both of them. They’re very different places (one Catholic, one Church of England) but connected by the same street and by the friendship between their congregations and leadership. And what could be better than being at a wedding so close to Christmas, in a cathedral, and singing Christmas carols with the cathedral choir? The atmosphere was just electric!

After the ceremony, we made our way to the superlative Titanic Hotel in Bootle and the Rum Warehouse. This space can seat hundreds and Sally & Phil had decorated it beautifully; there were Christmas trees all over the place. The wedding photos tell a story of a couple who were just so in love and so, so happy to be sealing their lives together in marriage. (Thanks to Linda Betts Photography for her great work for me on this shoot)

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