Sarah & David – Rookery Hall wedding photography

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Buried deep in the Cheshire countryside, accessed by mysterious winding country lanes with humpback canal bridges, Rookery Hall in Nantwich is a glorious mix of old and new – perfect for weddings!

The hall, itself dating back to 1816 , now has a modern spa and hotel added to one end. This allows the venue to cater for all tastes and works rather well as I hope these photos will show. Sarah & David’s wedding began at the famous St Peter’s Church in Woolton, Liverpool, where Paul McCartney first met John Lennon. Unbelievable, I know! It’s a lovely church, led with much hilarity by the wonderful vicar, Kip Crooks. Sarah & David’s wedding was characterised by big family love, great friends and blazing sunshine – for a while, at least! Not to mention the best table names I’ve ever seen. (The Naughty Table certainly lived up to its name) Rookery Hall’s grounds provided a lovely backdrop for both the formal family groups and Sarah & David’s couple shots. The old hall interior staircase is a really beautiful oak affair with lovely wooden carvings. Later on in the evening, Sarah & David preformed their first dance in their own special way, donning different props to dance to the different sections of a modern pop medley. No one had any idea they were going to do this – it was hilarious!

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