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Titanic Hotel Liverpool – what a fantastic venue for wedding photographs!

Sarah and Joe’s main venue was the Titanic Hotel in Bootle but they got married just down the road from my place – at St Charles Borromeo RC Church in Aigburth. It was a wonderfully hot and sunny day – so hot in fact, that a fire engine turned up over the road to extinguish a car fire. Very exciting!

Unlike many churches in Liverpool, St Charles’ interior is bright and beautiful and looked fabulous with all that late spring sun streaming through the stained glass. After the ceremony, the guests jumped on the wedding bus and off we all went to the Titanic Hotel in Bootle. This former shipping warehouse has been converted into a stunning hotel and conference centre and in deference to its origins and name, it even has a replica of the Titanic’s ballroom staircase – a really amazing sight! The main venue is known as the Rum Warehouse. It’s also on a mostly disused dock, allowing for some beautiful photography down by the water. I’ve shot there several times now and it still delights me every time. The main room is huge and can comfortably accommodate really big weddings – like Sarah and Joe’s.

Their wedding day coincided with the Grand National that year, so Sarah created a horse-racing inspired room decoration theme. Each table was named after a Grand National winner and a big screen was put up to show the race during the reception. Much hilarity ensued as, predictably, some won… but some lost!  

Not only did we get the photos down by the water and in the car park, but also later in the evening when things had slowed down a bit too. I think my favourite shots from this wedding shoot were in the couple’s room. They were pretty much bushwhacked by then and with my experience in wedding management, I was able to recommend that they just stay in the room after we’d left and take a good 30 minutes break. It did them the world of good and they came down refreshed and ready for the next stage of the day. Wedding days can be long and exhausting, both physically and emotionally. It’s very sensible to try and include a bit of down time for the couple in the schedule to avoid problems later in the day. I hope you enjoy looking at these Titanic Hotel wedding photographs.

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