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Wirral wedding photography doesn’t get much hotter than this!

The summer of 2018 will probably go down in history as the one which started well, with lots of us saying, “Oooh, I hope this hot weather carries on for a bit,” but ended with just about all of us saying, “OK, this hot weather can just jog on right now…” Indeed, it was quite comical to watch guests at Heather & Dileep’s wedding dragging the hotel’s patio tables into the shade, rather than dragging them into the sunshine! At this amazing wedding however, the heat was somewhat diminished by handmade ice cream, delivered the day before by car from Scotland!

Let us not forget another 2018 summer milestone: England doing rather well in the World Cup! Who could’ve predicted that their wedding day would fall on the same day as England playing in the Quarter Finals? There were many sneaky trips to the public bar to check on the score during the day, in spite of the general, “Don’t mention the F-Word!” rule. 

But back to the weather; they say make hay whilst the sun shines, and while any wedding photographer will tell you that blazing sunshine is not our favourite weather for wedding photography, it does allow for some stunning images if you wait for the sun to dip a little. We were able to take advantage of Heather & Dileep’s wide-open schedule to do the couple shoot in the evening, rather than straight after the family groups. Craxton Wood Hotel might be seen as being a little lacking in the aesthetics department but it is very well situated in the Wirral countryside. This meant that after a very short walk through the grounds, we were in a farmer’s field, with my most favourite backdrop of all – a summer meadow left fallow. Oh the joys! Anyway, I’m very happy with what my assistant photographer and I managed to achieve for this lovely couple and I hope that you enjoy looking at some of their shots too.

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