Rowton Hall Wedding Photography

Whoops! Been a while since I posted again!

I’m a member of a lively Facebook forum for wedding photographers and the admin has just posted a link to his blog about… the importance of regular blog posts! It’s just gone midnight, but here goes!

There’s been a few weddings since I last spoke here, showing off the fabulous images from Steph and Ferg’s wedding in Combermere Abbey, so I’ve certainly got my work cut out to catch up. So, completely out of chronological order, here are some shots from Carla and Andy’s wedding at Rowton Hall in Cheshire. It was a blisteringly hot day – one of the last of the summer. Thank goodness for air-conditioning in hotels, that’s all I have to say about that. A very lovely couple at a very lovely venue – my favourite combination! I’ll try and post some more from the other 5 weddings to the date of this one when I have time…

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