The best customer service in Liverpool!

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Like many folks these days I have iPhones. I use a battered iPhone 4 whilst my wife makes do with my cast-off iPhone 3. Needless to say, the iPhone 3 is showing its age a little. It’s four years old, to be precise and, recently, the screen seemed to have packed up completely. My wife nipped out and bought a £15.00 Nokia 000 (can’t remember the actual numbers but a bunch of zeroes sums the phone up nicely) and almost immediately grew to hate it deeply. I gave the Nokia a go too, and had to admit defeat after typing no more than four words of a text message.

So we started looking for a replacement iPhone on eBay. I also asked around on Facebook to see if anyone had an old iPhone knocking about that they wanted shot of. Someone mentioned the Bookyard (you may have seen their link on my blogroll) and suggested I give them a try. They’re old friends of mine, so I got in touch. Jon Ridley (Mac guru extraordinaire) suggested I pay the reduced service rate online and then bring the phone in. The repair was going to cost about £45.00 in total. That must be enough to get a second-hand iPhone 3 from eBay, I thought to myself. So I looked and looked and they all went for approximately £50.00, inc. postage. Too much…

So on Monday I dropped into the Bookyard to see what Jonny could do. I’d paid the £24.00 service charge already and thought I’d be leaving the phone there for a day or two. Nope. Jon undid two screws, suckered the screen off, re-secured the loose vide cable, restarted the phone and hey presto, my wife’s iPhone was back up and running. The charge? Zero, as Jon promptly refunded me the service charge as the repair had only taken him 30 seconds.

You just don’t get service like that anywhere else, in my experience. Thanks Bookyard!

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