Knowsley Hall Golden Hour!

12th March 2018 by in category Knowsley Hall, Liverpool Wedding Photography, Weddings with 0 and 0

Since I’ve decided that Mondays are blogging and social media day, I’ve been rediscovering all kinds of lovely wedding photographs from my Liverpool portfolio. Keeping up with a wedding photography blog whilst juggling wedding post-production and album design is not easy, but since blogging regularly (and Facebooking and Instagramming) was my 2018 New Year’s Resolution, I’ve managed quite a few new posts. So I’m delighted to be reminded of this lovely 2015 wedding at Knowsley Hall. I’ve not even managed to blog all of Amy & Greg’s big day at this fabulous venue, but finally, here’s some of the highlights. The weather on their actual wedding day was terrible, which meant we couldn’t take advantage of the incredibly beautiful gardens at Knowsley Hall. So, I suggested that we wait for better weather and return there one evening with nothing else on the agenda but amazing wedding couple photos. Technically, then, these aren’t wedding photos from Knowsley Hall, but Amy and Greg really did get married there and I really did take their photos! I’ll blog the whole lot soon. In the meantime, enjoy these, taken in what we call the ‘Golden Hour’ – that is, the hour before sunset. The sun is low, the light is warm and flattering and the shadows are long and exciting. Any wedding shoot I do in Liverpool or Cheshire, I’ll always be hoping that we can do a Golden Hour shoot. They’re just fabulous!

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