I’ve got GWVW…

A little preamble to this post; I LOVE MY JOB! Right, now that’s out of the way, what on earth is GWVW?

In this modern, technical world, we’re surrounded and bombarded by new acronyms, so I thought I’d add a new one to the lexicon: Great Wedding Venue Withdrawal or GWVW for short. So what is it? Well, I’ve noticed over the years that I’ve been privileged to take wedding photos at some truly remarkable places in the North West of England, and beyond. Knowsley Hall, Willington Hall, Isla Gladstone, Peckforton Castle, Combermere Abbey, Belle Epoque, Rowton Hall, Saughton Hall, Plas Rhianfa… the list is seemingly endless. But there’s one thing that causes GWVW more than anything – only shooting at such a fabulous venue once! 

So I set to thinking about how I could cure myself of this wedding photographer’s malaise. This is my solution:

10% off all weekend wedding photography at the following venues between now and 31st December 2019:

Belle Epoque

Soughton Hall

Plas Rhianfa

Combermere Abbey

Willington Hall

Thornton Manor

The Monastery

South Farm

Holme Pierrepont Hall

So, if you’re getting married at one of these fabulous venues this year and you’ve not yet chosen your wedding photographer, well, hopefully, this little incentive will help you choose. So go ahead and fill in the contact form and let’s get this therapy going!

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