See your wedding photos laid out in a beautiful, handmade wedding album

We live in an increasingly transient, throw-away, digital world. Social media allows us to see thousands of photos, ‘Like’ them, comment on them and instantly forget them. We move onto the next one, and the next one. I don’t want the photos I take of your wedding day to be forgotten in this way, which is why I love wedding albums so much.

Nothing compares to feeling the weight of a hand-made, leather-bound album in your hands. Turning the pages to see the photos artistically and creatively arranged, telling the story of the day. Hearing the gasps of wonder from family and friends at seeing how beautiful your wedding was. An image on a screen cannot evoke this amount of emotional response.

Think of this: your wedding album will become a family heirloom. It’s a permanent addition to the historical record of your family. Everything else that you choose for your wedding is temporary – the cake is eaten, the flowers go in the bin, the drinks are drunk, the dress goes on eBay – but the wedding album lives on. Our albums are handmade in Italy and the UK and provide a stunning way of showing your day to family and friends, both now and in the future.

The Silver, Platinum and  Diamond albums are handmade in Italy by the world famous Graphistudio. The Gold book is handmade in the UK. You can also choose from a range of traditional matted albums from Jorgensen.

Following your wedding, I go through all the images that were taken on the day by myself and my assistant. These are graded and enhanced and presented to you in a post-wedding meeting, where we will also decide upon your choice of album cover materials etc. Then I design and lay out your images in beautiful spreads. The handmade books all feature ‘lay-flat’ double page spreads so that images can run right across the page without disappearing in the spine. The Graphistudio albums have a very wide choice of covers including die-cut leather, whereas the UK made books have simply a choice of colours and textures for the cover, ranging from a faux leather material to the very popular lace covers.

The options available to you are too complex to do justice to on a webpage, so I strongly recommend that you come to see me so that I can show you the various finishing options that Graphistudio and others provide.

Sample album pages:

The pictures below show the Graphistudio album layout from Helen & Adeeb’s Thornton Manor wedding – the images are watermarked for web display, but naturally the real albums are not! It is a complete album set so you can see from start to finish how I shoot a wedding.

Digital production

Since all the albums are designed digitally, you can see online proofs of your album on a dedicated album design cloud server before it goes to production. The cloud server features software that allows you to comment directly on the page so that I know exactly what, if any, changes you wish to make. This ensures that you are 100% happy with the choice of images and the style and size of the album.