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Time Machine Time?

I’m now so out of date with my wedding blog, that I’ve decided to jump to 2015’s weddings. I’ll try and catch up with the rest of the 2014 set when I can, but I’m […]

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I knew there was something on my mind…

Crumbs! How could I’ve forgotten? This is the collection of my favourite photos from the previous 12 month’s worth of weddings. It’s not to say these are the best photos from those weddings – just […]

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Knowsley Hall. Again.

Oh, the pain of finding yourself stuck in a loop of working at the same venue again and again. Well, that might be the case for some venues, but not my favourite: Knowsley Hall. It’s […]

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Knowsley Hall for the 2nd time this year.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll be aware that I’m very fond of Knowsley Hall. Thanks to my first shoot there last year, this year I’ve been there three times for three wonderful couples. […]

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Knowsley Hall. There is none finer in the North West.

I just love shooting weddings here. The wedding of Lucy and Andrew was my 2nd outing to the best venue in the area. I’m thrilled to shooting there again in October of this year – […]

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My new favourite venue: Knowsley Hall

I thought I’d seen it all when I shot Helen and Stuart’s wedding at the Hillbark Hotel. But now I’ve shot Toni-Jayne and Stuart at Knowsley Hall… well, Hillbark’s just fallen off my number one […]

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